Puzzle is a graphic patterned tile collection which features bold geometric forms. The neutral colours represent the Northern Isles of Faroe, Gotland, Aland, Anglesey and also Skye.  Its warmer, brighter shades are associated with the Mediterranean Islands of Creta, Milos, and Murano. The variations in designs and colours mean the design will always be interesting and unique. As a result, it creates an infinite combinations


Puzzle consists of 8 colour families, including 6 graphic patterns, 2 symmetical patterns, 2 colour ways, plus colour colour variations

  • West One Bathrooms PUZZLE DMPE 06 EDGE OLIVE 06 b 5
  • West One Bathrooms PUZZLE DMPX 02 ALAND MATT a 5
  • West One Bathrooms PUZZLE DMPE 07 EDGE STEEL MATT c 5
  • West One Bathrooms PUZZLE DMPX 04 MURANO+DMPU 10

Detailed information


  • Beige/cream
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Multicolour
  • White

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