Collage Mirrors

The collection of COLLAGE mirrors is not only a work of art, but an object with intrinsic function. The mirror overcomes its primary function and transforms itself once again into a poetic relationship which dialogues with the world of objects of antoniolupi. The Collage collection is designed by Luca Galofaro, Architect and Professor, who has focused apart of his reflection on the existing relationships between representation, urban architecture and image.

  • The mirrors are made through a stratification of printed glass plates which overlap to create the three-dimensional image; on the last layer the mirror defines a relationship with the observer who enters the image

  • antoniolupi COLLAGE 019 (1)
  • antoniolupi COLLAGE 019 (2)
  • AL Showroom 2019 05 15 Collage 357 02
  • AL Showroom MI 2019 05 23 Collage 05 gen
  • AL Showroom 2019 05 15 Collage 351 01 specchio neutro

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