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Kohler has been making products for 140 years, and have noticed they started to created more waste than products. Looking at the reality of their waste, they understood a truth – they simply cannot continue they way they have been going. They began to look at their waste as a truly valuable resource. Thus sprung the Waste Lab initiative.

At Kohler, they have decided to become NET ZERO in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste going to landfills by the year 2035.

The Waste Lab is group of people whom are dedicated to create something new. Their main focus is to utilize, creating exciting new projects without the need to dump “waste” into landfills. The team is brimming with artist and engineers tasked to create something beautiful. Something you can be proud to own.

As a result, Kohler will continue to ask if industrial waste can be sustainable. Therefore, they want you too, to aid in their sustainability efforts.

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