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The beauty of unlacquered brass

The beauty of unlacquered brass, a finish that brings warm and inviting tones to modern and traditional spaces alike. The ageing process brings out an organic quality with distinct colour and texture variations.


Often described as a living finish, the initial polished appearance of brass will mature over time to develop a patina. Uncoated bare brass is becoming increasingly popular for both kitchen and bathroom fittings. When left uncoated, high quality brass develops a golden patina which complements natural stones such as marble. The more residue, pollution or salt that is in the air, the quicker the brass will tarnish. If you like your brass clean and shiny it will need more regular cleaning.


Polished brass will garner a patina and the surface lose some of its brightness. Brass fittings can be cleaned routinely with mild soap and water which will not alter the patina development.


Lacquer is a thin coating of a varnish type product which is used to protect the brass from oxidising and thus avoiding it developing a patina.


Lacquered brass is less maintenance, but requires very delicate cleaning to avoid damaging the lacquer coating.

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