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Terrazzo Shower Room

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WestOneBathrooms Ringwood Ave 36 LR

Prior to the renovation, the space wasn’t being used to its best. There were lots of empty areas where product just fitted but didn’t add anything to the room and the Velux windows felt as though they were an issue rather than becoming part of the space.

Designer Kirsten Wain, created a bespoke shower enclosure for the whole back area which instantly made the room feel wider. We utilised the space between the Velux’s with a bespoke mirror and mounted the wall taps for the basin onto the mirror.

The terrazzo provides so much depth and interest to the space. The mix and intensity of all the colours plus the matt chalk-like finish achieves a fun and stylish surface.

WOB Ringwood Ave 30 LR
WOBRingwood Ave 39 LR
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WOB Ringwood Ave 35 LR
WOB Ringwood Ave 40 LR

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