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Design Tips: Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is the room that requires the more specific lighting installations. The lights need to be bright enough to provide sufficient illumination, as well as those tasks where being able to see clearly is important, be it make-up application, cleansing or maintenance.

Overhead lighting tends to cast a shadow over your face – so many people find backlit lighting in mirrors a better source of lighting,  these mirrors often have LED perimeter lighting.

Often, we use LED strip lighting to cast a soft glow under basin units or bath panelling which gives the illusion that the basin / bath are floating, therefore creating a feeling of space and airiness. The same lighting can also be used in recesses above baths or in showers.

Accent lighting can be used to highlight features in the room it may be in a recess where you have a display of gorgeous perfume bottles.  LED spot lights can be used to throw light on specific areas, or LED strip lights can cast a background glow highlighting whole recess.

Beautiful tiles can also be bought to life with clever accent lighting – ie in the floor behind a freestanding bath – the right led lighting can wash the walls with light to highlight and promote a beautiful wall paper or tiled feature wall.

Comment from Louise Ashdown, Head of Design and Showroom Manager at West One Bathrooms.

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