Aquamoon Shower Experience

Luxurious shower

What is Aquamoon?

The Aquamoon offers a truly immersive shower experience, engaging multiple senses, and seamlessly integrating into your ceiling. The luxurious shower features a recessed dome that seamlessly blends in with your bathroom or spa decor. Inside the hemisphere, a concealed light strip creates a soft glow, inspired by the moon’s light, and evoking a sense of boundlessness

Flow Modes:

The unique water experience is created by four innovative flow modes: “Aqua Circle” and “Tempest” convey the sense of natural rainfall; “Queen’s Collar” recreates an authentic waterfall experience; and “Embrace” covers your entire body in water, while leaving your head clear and dry.

The four flow modes are combined with light and fragrance to create three unique choreographies.

Soothe: Full, soft drops of water rain over the body like a tropical downpour and soothe the mind. Intense blue and violet light evokes the atmosphere of a clear morning sky, combined with the sensuous fragrance of Mediterranean citrus blossom. The warmth of the water eases the body into a therapeutic, almost meditative, state.

Nurture: A curtain of water droplets envelops the body, accompanied by the calming blue of the ocean and the powerful green of the rainforest. It opens and closes to the rhythm of breathing, alternately falling in a gentle, massaging cone and an intense, concentrated stream of water. The body and mind emerge strengthened and filled with a deep sense of wellbeing.

Empower:  Bathed in vibrant orange and violet light, the body is stimulated by the varying strength and temperature of the water droplets. Stimulating changes in temperature activate the senses to the accompaniment of the spicy scents of mandarin and rosewood, as a clear, cold covering of water combines with a warming cascade over the neck and a refreshingly cool stream of water pours over the body.

West One Bathrooms Aquamoon Rainmoon 11
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