2022 Trends

Comment by Louise Ashdown, Head of Design at West One Bathrooms

We spoke with Louise Ashdown, Head of Design at West One Bathrooms, on the biggest trends of 2022. From 70s to Japandi influences and terracotta to white brassware, our breakdown will hopefully inspire you to integrate these trends into your project to create your dream bathroom.


Sustainability is a big focus this year and is translated through to bathrooms in two key ways; Green Credentials from manufacturers and “Buy better, buy less!” We are increasingly seeing customers investing more in their bathrooms with the mindset that they will be more durable and also sourced on more economically. Clients are being increasingly aware and conscious of where their products are made and sourced. Water saving technology has also become increasingly popular, today a majority of shower heads and basin mixers have technology integrated which adds air to the water, creating a more powerful showering experience, using much less water. 

70s Influence 

The 70s is a big influence on both bathroom design and the products release. This can be seen through the use of tinted glass in shower screens, we are seeing grey, bronze, blue and green tinted glass rise in popularity, they can elevate a space and provide a modicum of privacy at the same time. Further 70s influence is appearing through the use of earthy tones such as Terracotta’s, Browns and Ochres, as well as the brighter tones and colours. There is a big trend for bold colourways and a mish mash of colour, a true sense of ‘Don’t Match, Do Mix!’ These are always indicative of a world in recovery (I.e post pandemic).  

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West One Bathrooms Inbani 01


Tiles have a massive influence on the look of a bathroom and probably have the biggest impact. Monochrome still remains popular as ever, with mixing shapes and textures in same colour family. 

We are seeing less standard rectangular shapes and an increase in demand for textures, patterns, and shapes. Lozenge shape, triangle, arches and curves have become more popular, all of which are reminiscent of times gone by. We have also gone back to artisan made small tiles with a story such as Zellige style tiles, with undulating surface and range of tones across each colour base. They add a sense of rustic glam. Terracotta has not only become popular as a colour but also as a material, whether made from terracotta or ‘man made’ concrete, its look is calm and neutral in colour – the intrinsic value of natural materials is being appreciated. 

Fittings & Sanitaryware 

When it comes to bathroom fittings, brushed brass and all brass derivatives are still very popular. Aged brass and bronze are really coming through in popularity with white creeping in again for taps and brassware for a crisp brighter alternative to matt black.  

Colour in sanitaryware is becoming the norm, matt white remains most popular. Our Waterproof Wallpaper has just lifted off, we are seeing increased interest in using it as a creative concept in wet areas. It profoundly changes the look and feel of a space in an instant, its texture and pattern is second to none.  

Storage has always been in demand, but this is now being translated in multiple forms. Open Storage is increasingly popular; be it open wall shelving or shelving on washstands – Clutter isn’t back, but there is a significant shift away from concealed storage and clients wanting to showcase their products in a stylish way through the use of baskets which also add texture and personality.    

Spa-like bathrooms and Japandi influences

With people still spending more time at home, the request for spa is popular. “Me time” is something everyone needs and craves and thus also more comfort in baths. We are seeing more built-in baths making the crossover into freestanding baths and wellness aspects being integrated. For example steam generators to showers, larger showers with ‘spa’ shower heads for a luxury experience. We have seen an increase in intelligent WCs, not only are they more hygienic, they are also have a sustainable benefit also. Intimate cleansing with warm water is far more environmentally friendly than using toilet paper. People actually use far fewer raw materials with TOTO WASHLET™. It’s not necessary to fell trees which would otherwise be cleared to produce toilet paper, and WASHLET™ also uses far less electricity and water. TOTO shower toilets feature two types of energy savers. Energy saver timer allows you to set a time at which the shower toilet is set to stand-by mode. With energy saver auto, it records its users’ habits and automatically selects the best time for stand-by mode. 

To summarise, we are seeing bold colours, the embrace of the artisan nature of certain products, attention to detail be it fluted glass, reeded wood, textured tiles and a relaxed outlook to embrace a mix of styles. Like fashion and what you choose to wear, the bathroom is now becoming a personal choice and statement. We are seeing a shift to more zen spa-like bathrooms and Japandi influences with a clean aesthetic with calm functionality. 

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