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Avebury Ceramic

Avebury Ceramic is a glazed, brick-style tile. It take inspiration from old Wiltshire cottages. It hosts an added contemporary twist with a full range of pale, secondary colours. From traditional pure white through and to subtle grey. Avebury bricks give you the option of inventive patterns, and also solid blocks of colour. As a result, it adds real character to modern kitchen and bathroom surfaces

The tiles are machine-made. Consequently, this means they need little maintenance and are thinner than their cement sister, making them ideal for wall installation.

  • Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, or any living space
  • 80 mm thickness
  • Ideal for wall installation

  • Avebury Ceramic Teal
  • West One Bathrooms 2180815 5×25 Teal
  • West One Bathrooms 2180815 15×50 Teal
  • West One Bathrooms avebury plaster
  • West One Bathrooms 2180815 15×50 Plaster
  • West One Bathrooms 2180815 5×25 Plaster

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