Real Rain

Real Rain has been created after a careful study of all the elements that make a natural rain shower. From the varying sizes of raindrops to the angles at which they fall. It has the power to transport the bather to the center of a summer rainstorm and is a multi-sensory experience.

The Rain Real panel has been designed with a water reservoir. Therefore it relies on gravity to shape individual drops that replicate rainfall. When the reservoir fills, water spills into the remainder of the shower heads, covering over 775 nozzles, and raindrops begin to fall softly and slowly then grow in strength and speed until the shower feels, sounds, and looks like warm summer rain. Push a button and the Deluge feature releases a reservoir of water in one powerful instant to simulate an energetic burst of heavy rain.

  • Flows at two gallons or nine litres per minute and complies with CALGreen requirements
  • Conserves water by using only 2.0 gallons (7.6 liters) per minute during normal operation
  • Mount flush to the surface of a drop ceiling

  • Real rain via West One Bathrooms
  • West One Bathrooms REAL RAIN
  • West One Bathrooms Real Rain Shower cut out

Detailed information


  • White


  • Silicone panel

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