Épure Collection

The Épure Collection is an elegant collection with minimalist geometric shapes.

  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Available as wall mounted or freestanding mirror


Available in Polished Chrome, Matt Chrome, Polished Nickel, Matt Nickel, Polished Gold, Matt Gold, Polished Hardbrass, Matt Hardbrass, Polished Antique Bronze, Matt Antique Bronze, Polished Antique Copper, Matt Antique Copper, Polished Black Bronze, Matt Black Bronze, Polished Copper Patina, Matt Copper Patina, Polished Antique Gold, Matt Antique Gold

Available Sizes

The freestanding mirror has an adjustable height of 450 to 570 mm, the wall mounted mirror has a total extension of 356mm.

  • West One Bathrooms Aster noir
  • West One Bathrooms Aster cuivre amb (2)
  • West One Bathrooms Aster cuivre
  • West One Bathrooms Square blc
  • West One Bathrooms Square laiton satin

Detailed information


  • Antique Gold
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Nickel
Épure Wall Mounted Round390mm230mm
Épure Wall Mounted Rectangular386mm130mm180mm
Épure Freestanding Round360mm230mm
Épure Freestanding Rectangular130mm335 mm

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