West One Bathrooms Hydrotherapy Systems

Hydrotherapy is the direction of mixed jets of water and air onto a bathers body. This, like a massage, leads to relaxation and like exercise, releases endorphins. The heat from the water is transferred more effectively, with benefit to muscles and nerves, helped also by the water buoyancy reducing the 'drag' of gravity. West One Bathrooms Hydrotherapy Systems will provide you with positioned jets and controls, where they best suit your personal specific physical requirements. The number of jets in a system can be varied between 16 and 32 dependent upon the size of the bath, individual specific results required (jet locations) and budget.

The most important parts of the body for hydro-massage are the back muscles and the soles of the feet. It is inadvisable to direct jets on the spinal column itself. We provide low-profile jets at the ends of the bath. All other jets have directional eyeballs. Both types can be adjusted individually for flow control from a gentle massage to a powerful toning action.

For ease of use, all of our systems are electronic, with user-friendly controls. All systems are supplied fully fitted and plumbed into the bath of choice and require only an RCD circuit breaker plus connection to water and electricity.

To ensure outstanding performance without any distractions, all West One Bathrooms Hydrotherapy Systems incorporate a compact yet sturdy pump that delivers all the power you could need with little more than a discreet hum. The jets are similarly small, elegant and unobtrusive.

Jets and Controls are available in White, Chrome or Antique Gold.


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