SensoWash Slim

SensoWash represents a new range of shower-toilet seats dedicated to modern needs: the need for hygienic cleanliness, for convenient operation, for good, sustainable design and for individuality. The flat lid/seat combination is an innovation in form, giving the ensemble the appearance of a traditional, yet elegant toilet. The outstanding practicality and simplicity of operation also make SensoWash Slim the ideal solution for public and semi-public areas. Thanks to its integrated safety system, SensoWash Slim complies with EN 1717 drinking water requirements.

  • Available for a range of different styles such as Happy D.2, Vero Air, P3 comforts and more
  • Slim remote control
  • Cleaning function such as "Rearwash", "Ladywash" or "Comfortwash"
  • Water temperature adjustments


Available Sizes
373 x 539 mm, 375 x 540 mm, 365 x 540 mm and 386 x 540 mm


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