Ann Sacks - Modern Frame

ANN SACKS and internationally renowned designer, Barbara Barry, have collaborated and created the Modern Frame collection of tiles. This collection reflects the quiet sophistication and understated elegance Barbara Barry is know for. Modern Frame are handcrafted by ANN SACKS artisans in Portland, Oregon and are exclusive to ANN SACKS.

Modern Frame are glazed ceramic tiles formed using a dry pressing technique to create precise sizes for an exacting installation. The straightforward, tailored designs are available in 76 x 152mm field tiles with raised edge and embossed edge patterns and a 51 x 152mm raised edge border. The surface definition is designed to subtly catch light with the graphic presence to work in modern or traditional installations.

They are available in two colours, White Gloss and White Matte, and Pewter Gloss and Pewter Matte, while the entire MADE by ANN SACKS earthenware color palette is available as a custom option.

Designed for interior applications, the tile’s raised and recessed patterns and matte and gloss finishes can also be juxtaposed for textural presence and heightened visual interest. 



White Gloss and White Matte, and Pewter Gloss and Pewter Matte

Available Sizes
76x 152mm, 51 x 152mm



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