Ann Sacks - Kanso

Kanso is a modern ceramic tile with a smooth face and crisp edge so evokes a clean, minimalist ambiance. It is available in Winter White glossy or matte finish and its concise edges allow for a tight grout joint to execute a neat, seamless installation. The range is available as field tiles, a netted mosaic, a beveled border and beveled bonded edge trim so provide all the tools to take an installation from straightforward to more complex tile patterning when options are mixed and matched. Kanso is suitable for all indoor wall applications, including shower walls, and can withstand higher temperatures to accommodate behind-the-range backsplashes or fireplace surrounds.



Winter white gloss, white matt

Available Sizes
76 x 152mm, 152 x 152mm, 102 x 305mm, 102 x 610mm, 305 x 610mm



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