Blue Moon

Blue Moon is available with elegant wood or acrylic panels, as a corner, wall or free-standing model, and for installation in a bathroom, winter garden or terrace, providing the utmost relaxation. The immersion depth of 500mm produces a true feeling of buoyancy. As an added convenience, a floating remote control enables functions such as underwater lighting and the three cycles - Power, Relax and Emotion - to be controlled separately or in conjunction with one another. The new Durapearl jets also offer three functions: water, air or a bubbling combination of the two.

The control panel for the basic functions is under the flap of the acrylic or wooden shelf. The different scenarios can be programmed remotely and coloured light and whirl programs can also be combined if required. The whirl jets are available in two colours (chrome and white) or in plain white.

Brassware components available in chrome or white

Available Sizes
1400 x 1400mm, 1800 x 1800mm

Acrylic/wood panels


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