Copper Pipe Man

Our clients’ wanted a bathroom like no other. It had to have a warehouse feel, it was to feel distinguished and aged.  The building is a converted warehouse with steel girders that were previously treated like an obstacle in the room. They had to become a feature and integrate the bathroom with the rest of the building. The furniture needed to marry with the exposed timbers elsewhere, so introducing teak skirting’s around the room with teak shelf capping’s, furniture and bespoke teak toilet seat complimented the copper pipe work beautifully.

They wanted a large shower, floors were solid so making the space seamless was not going to be straightforward furthermore, ceilings were very low. We had to incorporate a reclaimed Belfast sink with storage below. With a lot of products, storage and space to stand items was essential. They wanted space for additional furniture items, reclaimed mirror lighting and elements to add history and character to the space. There is no natural light in the bathroom so a lot of consideration needed to be taken to maximize light in the room, the polished bold green Metro tiles intriguingly bounce the light around the room.

The main feature in the bathroom is the exposed copper pipework; extensive lengths of copper pipe on the surface, fixed in place with Munson rings and brass stockcocks controlling the water. A considerable amount of time was spent planning the runs, where they were to go and where they were to ‘t’ together to mix water. As much as they had to look spectacular, they also had to be functional. The creativity with copper extended to designing and fabricating heated towel rails, by combining copper pipe, ‘t’ pieces, stop ends and gate valves. Even the toilet roll holders used teak and copper pipe!


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