Press Editorial July 2015

Editorial feature showcasing our new Chelsea showroom Click here to view the feature

Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms July 2015

kbb-july-2015a_Page_1 kbb-july-2015a_Page_2Editorial features showcasing the Bowl basin, Per Se shown with green Malachite insets and IIBangno with American walnut legs

essential Kitchen Bathrooms Bedroom June 2015


Kitchen Bedrooms Bathrooms June 2015

kbb-June-2015_Page_1 Editorial feature showcasing showcasing the compact Handwash cloakroom basin by agape.  Download the pdf to view the feature

kbb review May 2015

KKB_review May 15Editorial feature showcasing our new traditional flagship showroom in Chelsea

Living etc May 2015

Livingetc May 2015 Livingetc May 2015aEditorial feature showcasing the Albany free-standing bath and the Tasse freestanding bath

Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms May 2017

KBB May 15Editorial feature showcasing the Hidden basin by Makro

essential Kitchens Bathroom Bedroom May 2015

ekbbMay_Page_1 ekbbMay_Page_2 ekbb2may 15Editorial features showcasing the Royal freestanding over bath shower temple and the Coral Cienege fused glass basin with polished or erosiona edge

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